Trawool Station 

Trawool Station Trawool

Trawool Station marks the township of Trawool lying on the middle reaches of the Goulburn River 115 kilometres north of the Melbourne.

It is an agricultural and dairying district bounded in the east by the Bald Hills and to the west by Warrigul Rocks.  

When the railway branch line from Tallarook to Yea was created in 1883 the Trawool station was built. The Trawool School was established in 1885, the post office in 1886 and a reservoir was created at Trawool from 1889 to 1895 in order to supply the people of Seymour with water.  

Australian and American troops were stationed at Trawool during World War II and the Americans insisted on the chlorination of the water supply. Electricity arrived in the district in 1945. Trawool school closed in 1959, the post office followed suit in 1972 and the last train travelled on the local railway line in 1978.

Discussion emerged in the 1970s regarding the possibility of flooding the Trawool Valley to create a hydro-electric scheme which caused concern among locals who sought a classification of the area by the National Trust which, in 1983, awarded it a Scenic Classification which recognised its importance as a scenic, geological and cultural site.

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