Community & Event Planning

Planning events and activities on the Great Victorian Rail Trail

If you’re interested in holding an event or activity on the trail or within the Rail Trail Reserve please read the following Toolkit information:

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Welcome to the Great Victorian Rail Trail toolkit for planning and holding events and activities on the trail and in the Rail Trail Reserve.

We aim to encourage and assist tourism operators, businesses and communities to help us to create a vibrant community asset with innovative activities held on and around the Rail Trail.

This Toolkit provides essential ‘How To’ information for event and activity planning:

  • Examples of how others have created innovative events and activities on trails and reserves
  • Guidelines of what factors you will need to consider when planning an event or activity
  • An enquiry form for submitting your planned event or activity to the Rail Trial Committee and Rail Trail Councils, so they can assist you with permit applications and authorisation for the proposed event or activity
  • Rules and regulations governing events and activities in the Rail Trail Reserve

Next Steps:

  1. Read the guidelines
  2. Complete and submit the ENQUIRY Form for Events/Tours/Programs/Activities
  3. You will be contacted and advised of permit or application requirements and the authorisation process


Information for staging an event, activity or program within the Great Victorian Rail Trail Reserve.

If you are planning to hold an event, activity or program within the Rail Trail Reserve, you need to read through the following guidelines and complete the Enquiry Form, as you may require approvals or permits from the Great Victorian Rail Trail Committee and/or the relevant Shire Council.

The Guidelines give you some important information about:

  • Planning
  • Permits
  • Insurance
  • Site Plans
  • Safety & emergency
  • Waste management
  • Access & parking
  • Toilets
  • Water
  • Temporary Structures
  • Food & Alcohol
  • Gaming
  • Marketing
  • Grants
  • Signage
  • First Aid & public safety