Explore a journey of artistic discovery through beautiful Taungurung Country

The Taungurung (Daung wurrung) people occupy much of central Victoria. Taungurung country encompasses the area between the upper reaches of the Goulburn River and its tributaries north of the Dividing Range and encompasses the country through which the rail trail passes. The Taungurung people are part of a five tribe alliance forming the Taungurung Land and Waters Council.

The Taungurung Land and Waters Council (TLaWC) is the Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for the region.

The TCAC have kindly shared information and history about the Taungurung people for inclusion in signage along the rail trail.

Evidence of the Taungurung can be found in many places throughout Taungurung Country. Scar trees, rock shelters, rock art and place names all indicate that the Taungurung people have been in this part of Victoria for thousands of years. Many towns and regions have a Taungurung origin:

  • Benalla (benalta) = big waterhole
  • Delatite (delotite) = wife of Beeolite, clan head of the Yowung-illam-balluk Clan
  • Murrindindi (murrumdoorandi) = place of mists, mountain
  • Trawool (tarawil) = turkey
  • Nagambie (nogamby) = lagoon

Many Taungurung people still live on their country and participate widely in the community as cultural heritage advisors, land management officers, artists and educationalist and are a ready source of knowledge concerning the Taungurung people from central Victoria.