Cheviot Tunnel and Cheviot Station

Located midway between Yea and Molesworth, the Cheviot Tunnel is the longest rail trail tunnel in Victoria and a key feature of the original Tallarook to Mansfield Railway Line.

Cheviot Station opened with the rail line in 1889 and was an important station to serve the local logging industry.

Between Cheviot Station and Cheviot Tunnel, the line runs through four large cuttings. These are testament to the natural obstacles posed by this landscape.


The 201 metre (660’) long Cheviot Tunnel was constructed to pass trains across the Black Range at McLoughlin’s Gap roughly half way between Yea and Molesworth. Built under tender by Kenny Bros. as part of the Yea to Cathkin section at a cost of £88,661/2/11, the work was delayed by accidents, floods and several industrial disputes.

Some steel hooks, that held lanterns in emergencies, still exist near the four indented safety alcoves. These safety alcoves are located at regular intervals along the eastern wall of the tunnel.

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