Swiftcrest Distillery – Off Grid Farm and Distillery Tour 

126 Godwills Road Mansfield Victoria

Meeting at the front gate visitors travel to the top of our scenic hill where the team reveal the story of their off-grid living journey, talk about the land and the source of their granite filtered spring water.

You may even meet some of their Highland X Texas Longhorns, kangaroos and deer along the way.

You then meander down the gravel driveway that weaves through the eucalyptus trees to what, at first glance, looks like a humble tin shed.

Surprising details begin to emerge, like sparkling chandeliers lighting long antique tables, beautifully set with handblown glassware. Perfectly arranged samples of their farm grown botanical's which give Swiftcrest's gins their unique characters are offered for crushing and sniffing. Snugly mohair knee rugs are draped over elegant chairs for chillier days in the distillery.

The tour includes the processes behind the making of Swiftcrest spirits and the meticulous restoration of the equipment we use. There's a totally refurbished 130 year-old steam pump, a wood fired steam boiler and gleaming copper stills in which their high-quality spirits are created, steeped and infused.

The tour concludes with a tasting of their range of artisanal spirits with bottles available to purchase and take home.

This experience is provided by Swiftcrest Distillery - Tours and Tastings