Swiftcrest Distillery 

126 Godwills Road Mansfield Victoria

Just 10 minutes from Mansfield, discover a tiny family-run distillery where sustainability underpins every drop of the excellent range of handmade vodkas and gins crafted with love and passion by artisan makers.

The owners and makers, Hank and Carrie Thierry, have a deep philosophical commitment to sustainability that permeates every aspect of this place and the products they craft. They use only organic ingredients and it's the only distillery in the world using biodynamic barley, uniquely grown in Victoria. Dropped timber on their property is gathered daily to run the boiler and they proudly produce zero waste.

At the foot of Mt Buller and the alpine ranges, the spirits are made from the pure water of snowmelt that is filtered through granite bedrock from a spring on their property.

The unexpectedly glamorous touches these two - Hank a photographer and Carrie a fine artist - have brought to the off-grid distillery in the middle of a small organic farm - reveal much about their mutual respect for design and precision craftsmanship.

Elegant antique sideboards and shining glass shelves display perfectly spaced bottles of their lovingly crafted range of Vanilla Bean Vodka, Alpine Spring Gin and their utterly delicious Dutch Apple Pie Moonshine, a nod to Hank's heritage.

The Thierry family warmly welcome visitors to tour the distillery and experience a guided tasting.