Molesworth Station 

Molesworth Station Molesworth

The route of the Great Victorian Rail Trail now runs to the south of the station site.

 It passes through the former cattle yard which is a rectangular area.  Around the edges one can see some mortared stone work by way of shoring.  This area, which is surrounded by a buffer of trees, including Monterey pines, is currently used for bulk storage of aggregate for the rail trail.

Molesworth has a pleasant rest area for rail trail users and it is a short stroll to the small township of Molesworth for refreshments.

The station opened and closed with the line. The site boasted a large cattle yard. This was excavated from rock into the hillside.  West of the cattle yard is a timber buffer stop. The site of the station is still marked by a remnant orchard complete with jonquils patch, Monterey pines, and a concrete pad foundation. Whilst some bolts remain, this foundation has broken up. It is next to the edge of the former platform.

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