Lake Eildon Explorer – Helicopter Charter 

Mansfield Victoria

Lake Eildon is Victoria's largest inland lake.

Fed by the many High Country rivers, it has a capacity over 3.3 million mega litres. It is six times the size of Sydney Harbour and has a capacity shoreline of over 500 kilometres. Lake Eildon is popular for trout fishing, water skiing and house boating. Development of this water resource began in 1915, and in 1955 further developments provided for greater irrigation capacity. It's also used to help manage potential flood waters and for Hydro power generation.

Enjoy the magnificent views of Lake Eildon with its secluded finger bays. During the Lake Eildon Explorer tour you will fly over Gough's Bay and along the Goulburn River Arm to the Eildon Dam Wall, hydro power station, spillway and pondage area beside the township of Eildon. On your return they land up high to enjoy refreshments and the views. Return over the Mansfield township.

This tour is approximately one hour and 25 minutes.

This experience is provided by Alpine Helicopter Charter