Huts and Heritage 

Mansfield Victoria

On this flight Alpine Helicopter Charter showcases the heritage of the Mountain Cattlemen, their families and those seeking gold in the High County.

They show you a bird's-eye view of Razorback Hut. The first landing is at Craig's Hut with refreshments for all.

Then you fly across the upper reaches of the Howqua River valley and along rugged escarpments. Take in Lovick's Hut, Square Head Jinny and Bluff Hut as built and used by mountain cattlemen while mustering their cattle herds that grazed the alpine pasture. They fly along 'The Bluff' as it salutes much of this ancient land.

Then you descend to follow the Howqua River to Howqua Hills which was once a thriving gold mining area boosting a hotel, butcher, blacksmith and post office. The rush was short lived and ceased by 1905. The tour lands beside the Howqua River for lunch. The return trip is via Timbertop Saddle then on to Mansfield.

This tour is approximately two hours and 45 minutes.

This experience is provided by Alpine Helicopter Charter