Hiking in the Razor – Viking Wilderness 


The Razor - Viking Wilderness is a large area of remote rugged undisturbed land.

There is no vehicle access into or within the Razor - Viking Wilderness. Likewise, there are no signposts or walking track markers. Here visitors need to be well equipped, self reliant and experienced in
navigation; and prepared to meet nature on its own terms.

Mt Cobbler to Mt Speculation
A remote walk along an indistinct footpad links the Cobbler Plateau with Mt Speculation. Mt Koonika can be included in this hike. Alternatively (if you have a 4WD) drive along the Mt Speculation Road to Camp Creek on the edge of the wilderness. Many extended walks can be undertaken from the Mt Speculation area.

Australian Alps Walking Track
The Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) passes over
the summit of Mt Speculation on its long mountainous journey from Walhalla to Canberra. To the south the AAWT traverses the jagged Crosscut Saw whilst to the east plunges into the heart of the Razor - Viking Wilderness. Please contact Parks Victoria for updated information before hiking in this remote area.