Granite Station 

Granite Station Granite

Granite Station is located very near the Trawool Resort.

The station was opened in1883 and closed on 8thNovember 1978.  Granite was a tiny station and the name reflects the siding's significance as a source of large granite blocks from the Wright & Sons Quarry. Originally known as Wright & Sons Siding it became Falls Creek siding in 1894, was renamed Trawool Falls Siding in 1898, then finally Granite in 1904.

Picnickers visiting Trawool Falls walked from Trawool Station until Granite was provided with a timber platform, and opened for regular passenger traffic in December 1910. The Siding was removed in June 1919 and Granite closed as a Station in December 1951.

Public toilets are available alongside the trail near the Trawool Estate.