Bonnie Doon Station 

Great Victorian Rail Trail Bonnie Doon Victoria

Bonnie Doon is a small town situated on the edge of Lake Eildon and is well-known these days as a holiday and weekend destination for waterskiers, trail bike riders, off-road four-wheel-drive enthusiasts and fishermen.

Bonnie Doon is also famous as the location for the ultimate 'serenity' in what has become Australia's best known feature length comedy, 'The Castle'.

The town centre has a variety of accommodation and services; motel, hotel, caravan park, service stations and cafes, providing the perfect opportunity to stay, refuel or stock up on supplies.

The Great Victorian Rail Trail passes over the Bonnie Doon Bridge crossing the Brankeet Arm of Lake Eildon. The bridge is 385 metres long and provides a great vantage spot to stop and watch activity on the lake. Bonnie Doon Station marks the location of the old railway station along the route.