Back of Beyond Fly Fishing 

7B Collopy Street Mansfield Victoria

Back of Beyond Fly Fishing is a premier Fly Fishing guide service based in Mansfield, Victoria, offering unforgettable guided fly fishing experiences in the picturesque Victorian High Country.

Led by passionate owner and guide, Trent, Back of Beyond Fly Fishing specialises in providing tailored half day, full day and multi day fishing adventures for both beginner and experienced anglers.

With access to remote and scenic locations such as Mansfield, Whitfield, Howqua, Licola, Jamieson, Wonnangatta, Howitt High Plains, Rose River, and many more, the team ensure their clients immerse themselves in the region's natural beauty while targeting Brown and Rainbow Trout.

At Back of Beyond Fly Fishing, they emphasise sustainable fishing practices, conservation, and a deep appreciation for the environment. Their guide Trent has unrivalled knowledge of the Victorian High Country and its fishing opportunities and will deliver a personalised service, sharing expertise and ensuring an enriching experience for all. Whether you're seeking a solo excursion, or an adventure with friends, they provide exceptional fly fishing journeys that create lasting memories. Discover the serenity and excitement of fly fishing in the Victorian High Country with Back of Beyond Fly Fishing.


Guided Experiences - Options

Starting with pick up at Mansfield, Whitfield or predetermined surrounding area a full day of guided fishing allows for up to 60-90 mins of driving to their fishing location which will be dependent on the desired experience of the fishermen and what the team determine will be the best location for that day based on the time of year, weather at the time, physical fitness and your fly fishing experience. you will have seven-eight hours on water time with everything you need provided including top of the range equipment from leading industry brands including Waders and wading boots, Rod, Flies and tackle as well as lunch, snacks and fresh water. Fly casting tuition is also included and Trent will be sure to take plenty of high quality photos and Video's for you to reminisce on once the day is over.

Experience the ultimate angling adventure with their full day guided drift boating trip, targeting the mighty Murray Cod. This journey down some of Australia's most scenic and productive waterways offers a unique opportunity to catch the country's most iconic freshwater fish from the comfort and stealth of a drift boat. The Drift Boating Experience Glide silently through the serene waters, accessing each and every part of the waterways, their drift boat provides an ideal platform for fly fishing, allowing you to cover vast stretches of river efficiently while offering a stable and comfortable base from which to cast. The boat's low profile and quiet presence ensure you remain unnoticed by the wary Murray Cod, enhancing your chances of a successful catch. Targeting Murray Cod Murray Cod are renowned for their size, strength, and aggressive strikes. Their experienced guides will share their extensive knowledge and techniques, helping you to effectively target these formidable fish. You'll learn to read the water, identify prime holding spots, and present your fly in a manner that entices even the most elusive cod. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a newcomer to fly fishing, their guides will tailor the experience to suit your skill level.