RifleButts and Buttercup 

76 km
White: First timer
Green: Beginner
Blue: Intermediate
Black: Advanced
Double Black: Expert

• Ride south on Highett Street (which changes its name along the way to Monkey Gully Road), turn right at the end, then first left - this is Riflebutts Road.

• As the Riflebutts Road turns to gravel, enjoy views over Mansfield and the Delatite Valley to Mt Buller and beyond;
• Turn right onto the Jamieson Road for a few kilometres then, just after the Boorolite CFA shed, turn left onto Chapel Hill Road, follow the tarmac and turn left at the crossroads of Hearns Road on the gravel;
• Just after the bitumen starts again, turn right up the hill onto the gravel of Buttercup Road. This little section can be a bit rough;
• Cross over Buller Road and onto Buttercup Road proper for the next undulating 20 kms or so. While mostly gravel, the road is quiet and smooth. There are a couple of creek crossings and you'll ride into dappled sunlight through the trees.
• Turn right onto Carters Road and descend back to the bitumen of the Buller Road for the ride back to Mansfield.